Kylie Rae Harris Net Worth & Bio-Quick Net Worth

The rise of a famous American Singer Kylie Rae Harris who born in Texas to set her milestone in the heart of Texas people. From her music career, she earned more than several million dollars. She charged nearly twenty thousand dollars for attending every celebration and musical events.

Kylie Rae Harris net worth crossed more than 4.5 million dollars. And it touches 5 million dollars estimated at the time of her death.

Born of a musical child in Texas:

This famous singer was born on May 15th, 1989 in Wylie at Texas in the United States of America. Her mother’s name was Betsy Linscott Cowan. She was a real estate broker in Texas. She had two sisters and a brother. Her father died in Cancer at an early age.

She was a brilliant student in high school. She got a music scholarship and a welding scholarship at her school age. Due to her music interest, she did not go for a graduate degree in College.

Music career:

When she was 12 years old, she was learned to play guitar. At the time, a vocal camp was conducted and she enrolled her name in this camp. Her music career starts from this age and released her first song titled “All the right reasons” on July 1, 2010.

Her stepfather was a music lover and she was inspired to learned music. She was well in playing Guitar.

And also she was inspired by famous Texas Singers and performers like Jerry Jeff Walker and Radney Foster. Her passion and determination towards singing never get out from the track of Singer and boost up the Kylie Rae Harris net worth.

A slim lady with blue eyes was one of the featured artists in Television series conducted by Troubadour TX. This show displays her documentary of Kylie Rae Harris music travel.

She became one of the famous singers in Texas. In 2013, she released her second album. Her powerful voice attracts many people in Texas.

She released the popular songs like Big OI’ Heartache, Twenty years from now, Waited, What the Heart Wants, I’d Rather be Lonely, Slide over, Missouri, Don’t let the Walls Fall yet, Sticks and Stones, Sly alligator, Revelation, and Runaway.

Her last song was “What the Heart wants” which was released in 2019. She wrote many popular songs in her music career.

Kylie Rae Harris Net Worth

She plays guitar well and she included this instrument in her every song. She thanked her tutor for playing the guitar. She felt proud of singing her every album songs.

Other than music:

She liked pets very much. Her habit to travel a long trip with best friends. She was the owner of vintage Boutique due to love over fashionable clothing style. Her boutique name was Corbie+Co. Income from this Boutique will make more value for Kylie Rae Harris net worth.

She was never interested to have boyfriends. She is an unmarried girl. But on his past relationship, she gave birth to one daughter child in March 2013. Her child was six years old.

For her young child, Kylie Rae Harris composed a song titled “Twenty years from now”. She liked continental food to eat. Her favorite holiday vacation was in Paris. She was a big fan of Leonardo Dicaprio and Emma Stone. 

When she was 30 years old, she died in a brutal car crash. Harris didn’t cover insurance for her daughter. So, a page raised to support Corbie’s future education. There were collected nearly 50000 dollars through this page.

This accident occurred on September 4, 2019. Her death was published by her publicist.

She commented that her stress and worries were gone by singing a song. She started to compose many albums to inspire many singers and release pressure from her.

She liked kids in her life. She wanted to provide anything for her kid. She left her boyfriend earlier due to some situation. She grew his child lonely without the help of others.

Award and Winnings:

In 2014, Kylie Rae Harris won the award of the Best female vocalist of the year. This award was given by Texas Regional Radio Music Awards. She received an award called the “Canary Award”. This award was given to her for the best singing and best humming in all time.

Apart from these awards, she attracts many young singers in Texas by her roaring voice.

The net worth of best female vocalist:

She released up to thirty albums in her career. The price for the album “Taking it back” goes $5.94 on Amazon, $0.99 each for albums “Waited”, “Darlin” and “What the heart wants”.

She received nearly twenty thousand United States Dollars for a show. Kylie Rae Harris net worth may cross more than 4.5 million dollars. She lived the life of luxury from her net worth. Her profession made this huge amount for her financial support.

But regarding her assets like cars, houses and vintage boutique has estimated more than 500,000 dollars.

The social page of Harris:

Harris not only popular in music and also popular in social media. Nearly, she had more than twenty-seven thousand followers on Instagram and more than thirty-seven thousand followers on Twitter.

Death of unique voice:

On his music travel to Taos located in New Mexico by car. She was interested to attend the music festival called Big Barne Dance which was held in Taos. She twitted about the condition of low gas in her car. That tweet explains that she prayed not to suffer from insufficient gas before reaching the gas station.

At 9.00 pm on local time, her car collided with another two cars. In this crashing, Along with Kyle Rae Harris, a sixteen years old girl also died. Police suspect that it was held due to the consumption of alcohol on driving. She drove about 109 miles per hour at the time of the accident.


Did you get the information about the famous American singer, songwriter, musician who died recently due to a fatal accident? Kylie Rae Harris is the singer whose end was never expected by anyone.

 She attended many music competitions and festivals conducted in various nations. Her awards and her winning are the only evidence to prove her success in her music career.

She sacrificed her studies for her music life. She ready to prove her talent at an early age.  Initially, he composed many albums to prove her musical talent to this world.

Texas people encouraged her skills and gave a chance to her music career. Kylie Rae Harris net worth had reached five hundred thousand dollars. No one expects her death and the end of her musical dreams.

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