Kirstjen Nielsen Net Worth 2020: Age, Height, Weight & Lifestyle- Quick Net Worth

Do you know who Kirstjen Nielsen is and what kirstjen nielsen net worth in 2020 is? She is an attorney of the United States. She has also served as the secretary of the US homeland security force. Kirstjen Nielsen is former deputy chief of staff who worked for Donald Trump in the White house.

As a secretary of US homeland security, she implements the family separation policy. But, the situation became worse. So, she leaved her position in April 2019.

Continue reading this article to know about the details of Nielsen including her early biography, personal and professional life, career, and present net worth.

kirstjen nielsen Early life

Born on May 14, 1972 in Colorado Springs, Kirstjen has the American nationality because both of her parents were the US army physicians. She had two siblings named Fletcher and Ashley. After her birth, Nielson migrated to Clearwater, Florida along with her family.

She completed her schooling and got a Bachelor degree in Science from the Georgetown School of foreign Service. Then, she went to the University Of Virginia School to pursue law. She also got a scholarship for her higher studies.

kirstjen nielsen Career life

GW Bush Administration

She worked as a special assistant to then-president G.W Bush. Then, she served at the homeland security force as the coordinator for PPR – Prevention, Preparedness, & Response.  As an assistant administrator, she led the Legislative Policy & Government Affairs office. She called off from the Bush administration in 2008.

Post Bush administration:

After leaving the Bush administration, she became CEO and chairman of Sunesis consulting that got a Federal deal in September 2013. To provide policies, legislation, organizational development, and professional research, they received a reward of 450,000 dollar money.

She also worked a staff member at the George Washington University under Homeland security force. She also holds the position at the World Economic forum to report global risks.

Trump Administration:

She worked as the chief of staff under J.F Kelly at the US department of homeland security. When Kelly became the White House’s Chief of staff in July 2017, Nielson became the deputy chief of staff.

Secretary of US Homeland Security:

President Trump nominated Nielson as the new secretary of US Homeland security in October 2017. Nielson replaced the acting security Elaine Duke. Even, the Senate also confirmed her nomination by voting in December 2017.

She took oath as the US secretary for the Homeland security in December 6, 2019. In that position, Nielsen had the responsibility to advise the secretary on legal, policy, and operational matters including border security, cyber security, and counterterrorism as well.

Family separation policy:

Family separation policy is an important aspect of immigration policy of Donald Trump’s administration. As a zero tolerance approach, the policy presented to the people to support tougher legislation and to deter unlawful immigration. The policy was officially implemented across US- Mexico border.

Under the policy, children were separated from their parents or guardians by the federal authorities. The adult held in cages and the children supervised under the department of Health & Human Services in the United States.

Nielsen played a significant role in the implementation of family separation crisis, which shocked many Americans. But, she continues to insist at the saying that there is no family separation policy. This contradicts the documents of her own department.

During FBI investigation, she falsely gave evidence that the Trump administration had never created a policy for family separation. This is one of many lies told by Nielsen regarding that shameful policy. When the matter became controversial among the public, she leaved the position of US secretary of homeland security.

Kirstjen is now serving as the Infrastructure Advisory council of the United States. She achieved lots of things in her professional career. Kirstjen Nielsen is well-known for her strict and sensible look. People who are not serious about their profession feel hard to work with Nielsen.

During her tenure time, she made many controversial decisions. But, she proved herself as a dedicated subordinate and her profile consists to grow when the debates over the immigration policy of Trump wage on.

Personal life:

When it comes to personal life, she kept confidential. No information is available regarding her private life. She is unmarried and not engaged in any relationship. Her real name was Kirstjen Nielsen. At present, she is living with her father in the city of Virginia.. Her mother was passed away in the year 2011. However, her father James McHenry Nielsen is still alive.

Kirstjen Nielsen net worth

Kirstjen Nielsen holds many positions at the US administration. According to public records, she had the reported pay of $199,700 dollars, as Nielsen served as the program management for DHS in 2018. But, no one knows her accurate annual salary.

However, the estimated kirstjen nielsen net worth is expected to be 1.5 million dollars in the financial year 2020. Maybe kirstjen nielsen net worth is more than that. But, the average net worth of White House’s cabinet member is around one million dollars.


Kirstjen Nielsen was the sixth US secretary of the Homeland security force. She was born in Colorado Springs. 

She was the founder of Sunesis Consulting, which seems to be a private consulting firm aimed at preparedness strategies, plans, policies, and tools to protect and prevent catastrophic events. Before founding Sunesis Consulting, she was the president and General Counsel of homeland security.

Nielson previously worked in the administration of George Bush as a special assistant and a senior safeguard director. She also served as the chief of staff under John Kelly at the DHS. In 2017, she became the secretary of the Homeland security force at the president Donald Trump Administration.

She did many controversial practices including the separation of parents and children who crossed US-Mexico border without legal warrants. So, she got resignation from her secretary position in 2019. In the short history, she was declared as the US department’s cruellest secretary.

Even though more information is not available on kirstjen nielsen net worth, we approximately gave her estimated net worth by referring to some public records. Stay in touch to get regular updates on kirstjen nielsen net worth.

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