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The Reality television personality is named Katie Rost who captures the heart of American fans by her acting skills and talent. She is earning a huge amount to invest in helping old age people and children.

Her stunning performance making her earn a lot of amount on Television series and other reality programs.

Katie Rost net worth has now crossed more than 3 million dollars. But Rost claimed that this will not give happier than making others happy.

Early life of Katie Rost

Rost was born on 7th July 1980. She was born in Potomac at Maryland. She comes from a biracial family. Because her father and mother are belonging to different races. She studied in the best private school. Her parents liked to make her a lawyer or a doctor.

She did not follow her parent’s advice and dreamed to be a model. She joined Boston University to do journalism. She did under graduation degree in this university.

She went to New York for choosing the modeling as her career. She was very much interested in modeling.

The Editorial Manager of the Vogue Magazine picks Rost in the list of 100 models in Vogue. This list of models contains many fashionable women who act as arbiters of style.

From her childhood, she got a character to help others. Because her family depends on such a community.

In 2000, her father was passed away. Her family is named as philanthropic family. So, they got funds from various people to run trusts. After her father’s death, she and her mother take over the Ronald F.Rost charitable trusts founded by her in 2006.

Love, Marriage, Divorce, and Engagement of Katie Rost

On pursuing her graduate degree in New York, she met her boyfriend named James Orsini. They felt love with each other. She married her boyfriend and gave birth to three children. Her son’s name is James Raco of three years old and the name of the twin girls is Renee and Kathryn of 14 months old.

Due to family situations, Rost wanted to divorce her husband. They faced a lot of court dealings and they get frustrated in their personal life. After divorce, Rost handled her siblings as a single mother.

 At this time, Katie Rost net worth is not so high because of the critical situation in her personal and career life.

She met Andrew Seth Martin in her life. But their relationship never lasts long. Jesse, an IT guy who proposed Rost with costly rings in some months before. Rost accepted his proposal and soon they will get married.

Universal model in the TV show

In the year of 2016, Bravo searching for a cast for acting in his reality series. So, he found Rost to participate in his series. The name of this series is “The Real Housewives of Potomac”. The concept of this series deals with the life of several women in the area of Potomac.

Katie Rost Net Worth

Rost became one of the popular characters in this series. This serial is publishing on every Sunday evening on television broadcasts. In January 2016, this season ended and Rost became the star cast of this season.

She acted with the co-artists of this series like Jackson-Jordan, Gizelle Bryant, Karen Huger, and Ashley Darby and other casts.

This show gives merits to all housewives of the area of Potomac. A lot of money is invested in this series and attains great success.

In season 2 of “The Real Housewives of Potomac”, she appeared as a guest. She did her guest’s appearance with Robyn Dixon, Gizelle Bryant, Ashley Darby, and others.

Bravo was very much delighted on Rost on participating in Katie Rost’s Celebrity Hookup which was one of the celebrity gossip shows. This type of show adds more value to Katie Rost net worth.

Katie Rost collects funds from various organizations and celebrities who would like to serve needy people. Katie promotes her service to others to do.

Katie Rost investing her earning in her social services and investing her skill in Television and film industry to prove that she can do anything.

The net worth of Katie Rost

The estimated net worth amount of all-stars in “The Real Housewives of Potomac”is fifteen million dollars. Potomac country is one of the richest countries in the United States of America.

She worked in the field of modeling for 15 years. The average salary of fashion modeling is 80,000 dollars. The income of the average person in the Potomac country is about a million dollars.

Comparing to these people, Katie Rost net worth is like a net worth of an average person. Her net worth amount was discovered in August 2019.  She got a decent net worth amount of about 3.2 million dollars. This value is not enough for Katie’s bank account. She will gain more in her life.

Recent Activities of Katie Rost

In the field of reality television, she did a lot of different things. Including that, she wants to do some different things in her career. She likes to work with her finance Jesse for the making of a full-fledged film.

This is an autobiography film about her struggling in her life. She is the screenplay writer of this film and her finance is the executive producer. We will expect more information from the media soon.

Katie Rost acting as a mother of three siblings in “The Real Housewives of Potomac”.


Rost, a girl from a biracial family, and joined in school. Their parents liked to make her as a doctor or lawyer. But, she showed her interest in modeling.

She went to New York for starting his career as a model. She met her boyfriend and love life started.

Her father passed away and she and her mother started a charitable trust to help old people and children. She raised funds for providing children and conducting extra-curricular activities.

She growing her children by teaching good habits and disciplines. Through her hard work, she got a chance of acting in TV series. Her fame reaches out by this series and Katie Rost net worth has crossed above 3 million US dollars.

Katie Rost is one of the inspiration for many women who want to achieve in the field of modeling. Follow this lady in our social media to track her success and learned from her failures.

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