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Justin Bieber Early Life 

Justin Bieber was born on March 1, 1994, in London, Ontario. He is a Canadian singer multi-instrumentalist and also a songwriter. His grandmother and step-grandmother raised him as his parents never married so, his mother gave birth when she was underage. By the time, he grows up, he learned to play musical instruments such as piano, trumpet, drums, and guitar.

In the early of 2007, he sang a song of Ne-Yo’s “So Sick” in a local Stratford singing competition placing second after this his video was been posted on YouTube so the friends and family could see it and it is continuing to upload as Bieber singing cover of the song.

Justin Bieber Beginning of his Career

After this Scooter Braun accidentally clicks on the Justin Bieber song video while in search of videos, he was impressed by Justin. Justin was been founded by the talented manager Scooter Braun at the age of 13 years after he had watched his YouTube cover and he convinced his mother to take Bieber to Atlanta where he recorded some demo tapes.

After one week in Atlanta, he was singing for R&B star Usher who help him for the audition for the group known as Island Def Jam music group. Bieber signed to island records in 2008 and moved with his mother so he could continue work with Braun and Usher. Braun became the manager of Justin Bieber in 2008. Justin Bieber was singed RBMG (Raymond Braun Media Group) Records in the year 2008, with the debut of Bieber EP (Extended Play) My World with was released in late 2009.

Justin Bieber

Later on, he became an only artist who has seven songs from a debut record chart on an industry known as Billboard hot 100. When he was at the age of 16 years, he releases his debut studio album “My world 2.0” for this he also invited to the live Tv shows such as “The Wendy Williams Show”, “The Today Show”, “The Ellen DeGeneres” and “Good Morning America” for his promotional activities, less than two months after his album release.

Bieber makes himself as a teen idol. Only in the US “My World” sold over one million albums. From then RIAA (Recording Industry Association of America) awarded this album 5x platinum. “My World” is the only album that contains four singles (One Less Lonely Girl, Favorite Girl, Love Me, and One Time) on the top 40 priors of the billboard to the album release. At that time the number one album on the US billboard 200 was “My World”. After it was released it has about 698,000 copies of the album in just the first 3 weeks.

This album was at the top of the US” Billboard 200” which makes Justin Bieber to achieve the youngest solo male act top to the chart in 47 years since Steven Wonder in 1963. The single of the Bieber “Baby” which highlighted rapper Ludacris, rapidly becomes the Bieber’s bestselling single of all the time, which has the singles sold of more than 15 million around the world.

Justin Bieber Music Career 

He releases his 3D biopic concert film in February 2011 which is known as “Justin Bieber: Never Say Never”, by following his debut album and promotional tour from the opening day on 3,105 theaters this film topped the film industry with the estimated gross of $12.4 million and has a total of gross 98 million over the worldwide.

it was the biggest film industry achievement. In June 2011 along with his old film, Bieber released his another album Never Say Never- The Remixes. which help him to make 53 million in just 12 months. After this film, he was declared as the number two on the Forbes list of the best-paid celebrities under the age of 30. The next album of Bieber is “Under the Mistletoe” released in October 2011 was a great success, which became the first “Christmas album” has the number one place in “Billboard 200” made by male artist which have 2 million copies around the world.

After these albums of Bieber, he released another album “Belief” released in June 2012 followed by “Believe Acoustic” released in January, these albums have sold 3 million copies worldwide, then Bieber confronted a few debates for his insubordinate nature, incorporating disagreements with the law globally. “Believe” Bieber’s film also been directed by Jon M. Chu which is released in December 2013.

Justin’s song “Where Are You Now” released in February 2015 won a Grammy Award for the Best Dance Recording which is made by the corporation of Skrillex and Diplo denoted another period of Bieber’s profession. This is no more wrong to say that for being the youngest male artist who debuts at the top of the Billboard 100 chart with his single” What Do You Mean” off of his album “Purpose” released in November 2015.

 Bieber’s album “Purpose” which produces top 3 Billboard Hot 100 number-one singles “Sorry”, “Love Yourself” and “What Do You Mean” which became the most economically effective album. This is another achievement of Bieber’s career.

Justin Bieber Collaboration  

He collaborated in many albums successfully which includes “Cold Water” released in 2016 he worked with Major Lazer and MØ, “Déjà vu” released in 2016 worked with the Post Malone, “Despacito” released in 2017 worked Luis Fonsi and Daddy Yankee It was the best song among people, “I’m The One” released in 2017 worked with the Quavo, Chance the Rapper, Lil Wayne and DJ Khaled, and the last is “Bad Guy” released in 2019 worked with the Billie Eilish, which went top 5 in the US of all the time.

After the marriage with Hailey Baldwin, he released his fifth studio album known as “Changes” which turned into his seventh Chart-topper of the US. This made Bieber, at 25 years old the youngest solo male artist to accomplish seven number-one albums of the US. After the music video of Bieber’s “Baby” has gone on YouTube it has more than 2.3 Billion views on YouTube another video of Bieber is “sorry” which has 3.3 Billion views on YouTube. Besides, he has 56.5+ million subscribers on his YouTube channel.

Justin Bieber Awards

Bieber is one of the artists with the World Bestselling music Artist with the trading of more than 150 million records. Bieber had received various awards which include A Latin Germany Award, 3 MTV Video Music Award, A Germany Award, 20 Billboard Music Award, A record 21 MTV Europe Music Award, 15 American Music Award, 2 Brit Award.

 in 2011 Bieber has been named in 100 most influential people in the world by Time Magazine. Bieber was included in the top 10 most powerful celebrities in the world in the list of Forbes in the year 2011, 2012, and 2013. Bieber became the first celebrity to cross 10 billion total video views on the Vevo.

Justin Bieber Personal Life

Bieber entered into a relationship with actress and singer Salena Gomez. This pair is not a good relationship until March 2018. Hailey is the daughter of actor Stephen Baldwin and brother of Alec. Between December 2015 and January 2016, he had dated Hailey Baldwin and after this, the couple reconciled in May 2018. They held their marriage ceremony on September 30, 2019.

Justin Bieber

Like other young, he received remarkable success in the music industry. he has had a lot of embarrassment in the press. For DUI (Driving Under the influence) drag racing and resisting arrest, he was been arrested. He was also showing fluctuating behavior when he was been arrested, this harms popularity.

Comedy central invited Justin Bieber to be roasted. roaster named Kevin Hart, Snoop Dogg, Shaq, Martha Stewart, Ludacris, and many more. When everything is done Justin said a remarkable line

“What do you get when you give a teenager $200 million? A bunch of has-beens calling you a lesbian for two hours.”

Bieber is accounted for to have an O-1 visa for temporary resident status in the United States, as being a Canadian citizen. It’s a report from the TMZ allege in September 2018, he was following the process to become American Citizen after marriage to Baldwin

Business Ventures and Endorsements 

Bieber’s fame helps him to enjoy lucrative business partnerships in the years. Here are the companies with which he had worked with Walmart, Calvin Klein, Proactive, Schmidt’s Naturals, Adidas, and Nicole by OPI. He had also released various fragrances such as “Someday” in 2011, “Girlfriend” in 2012, and “Justin Bieber Collection Edition” in 2014.   

Justin Bieber Net Worth

In February 2010, we are going to track Justin Bieber’s net worth. At this place (February 2010) estimated the net worth of Justin Bieber is just $500K (thousand). This was before the success of the “Baby” which make the unknown teenager into a famous singer overnight. At the end of 2010, his net worth increases up to $5 million. Justin Bieber’s net worth grows at AA high level in the mid of 2010 and 2011. His net worth is $40 million on January 29 year 2012. The form then Justin begins to earn $50-$70 million per year from his career. In July 2014, his recorded net worth topped $200 million.

Justin Bieber net worth 2010 – $500 thousand

 Justin Bieber net worth 2011 – $5 million

 Justin Bieber net worth 2012 – $40 million

 Justin Bieber net worth 2013 – $100 million

 Justin Bieber net worth 2014 – $200 million

 Justin Bieber net worth 2015 – $210 million

 Justin Bieber net worth 2016 – $240 million

 Justin Bieber net worth 2017 – $250 million

 Justin Bieber net worth 2018 – $265 million

 Justin Bieber net worth 2019 – $285 million

Justin Bieber Real Estate

In 2018 when Justin was at the age of 18 years, he paid $6.8 million for a home in the elite Calabasas gated community called The Oaks. This is the place where Justin had a few spats with the neighbors. Justin’s neighbors usually complained about his loud parties and for the friend speeding in the Quite Streets. Justin was been caught while throwing eggs at the house by the neighbor’s security cameras in 2014.

This causes thousands of dollars’ worth of damage. After this happen it causes Justin gets kept at his home while police entered in with the order of search warrant. After paying $800k to settle the discussion. In 2014 Justin sold the house to Khloe Kardashian for $7.2 million.

After this Justin lived somewhat of a vagabond life renting home after home in various parts of the world, over the next five years. He lived in a house for $100k per month for rent in Toluca Lake, California. Justin paid $8.5 million for a Beverly Hills mansion in March 2019.

He buys another house in Beverly Hills for 28.5 million in August 2020. This house is located at the highest place of the mountain of Beverly Hills inside a super-elite gated network called Beverly Park. The nearby neighbor names are Eddie Murphy, Sylvester Stallone, Denzel Washington, and Rod Stewart. years preceding the Bieber buy, the house was recorded for $42 million, the domain covers 2.5-acres of land and has an 11,000 square-foot house.

Justin Bieber Present 

From Instagram Bieber reposted that he will be taking a break from the music career to fix the deep-seated problems which are going through on March 25, 2019. Later on, he announced that the fifth studio album is going to be released at the 2019 Coachella Valley

Justin Bieber Music and Arts Festival.

After this, he again announced that he would release the fifth studio album and embarking on his fourth concert tour in 2020. On January 3 2020 his first album single known as “Yummy” was released. It has number two place on the Billboard 100.

Also, he releases a trailer of 10-episode YouTube original documentary series known as “Season” which is going to be released on January 27’ 2020. On January 28, 2020, on appearing at the show of Ellen

DeGeneres, he confirms the release date of his fifth studio album Known as Change to be February 14, 2020. He released his second single from the album called “Intension”. It reaches number 5 place on the Billboard. The album changes were released on February 14, was at the number one place on the

billboard, his seventh US Number one album.

Bieber announced another new single “La Bomba” with the Colombian singer J Balvin on January 27, 2020, in which Bieber is going to sing in both English and Spanish. 

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