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Grant Thompson Net Worth          

Grant Thompson was a popular American You Tuber who created a channel named “The Kind of Random” in the year 2010.  His videos include DIY projects and life-hacking experiments that often involve a single item but in large quantities. The estimated grant Thompson net worth is about $6 million.

Unfortunately, he died at his 38th age due to a paragliding accident that happened on 29th July 2019. The channel was initially hosted by Thompson alone. But now, Nate and Calli together host the channel. To date, the channel reached around 13 million subscribers.

YouTube is more than a destination to entertain everyone. People are nowadays using it for innovation and experiments. Even, fans are also fond of innovative random life hack videos. Grant Thompson is the crownless king of such innovative random videos.

By posting videos related to science experience, Grant showed his internet sensation and moved his channel to another level. The reason why his experiments are more reliable and exciting is that he derived content from his surroundings.

Who was Grant Thompson?

The adventure towards the spotlight had not been straightforward for Grant Tompson; however, he gets connected with the breakthrough with numerous rough times in the method. Many could not know him along with his label, however coming from his YouTube network, The King of Random, he was a well-accomplished web experience. Thompson was also one of the YouTuber that acquired over a billion views coming from his network. His tradition finished when he passed away, coming from Paragliding Crash on Monday, 29th July 2019.

 He had more than 81k followers on Twitter and 380 followers on Instagram account. He was an entrepreneur too, as he sold project kits and apparel on his online store.

Though he was not alive at present, his youtube videos make him memorable all the time. Here is everything about YouTuber. So, let’s start reading…

Early life

As born in Canada on November 21, 1980, Grant Thompson has Canadian nationality. He belongs to race of white ethnicity. No information is available regarding his parents. But, he has one sibling named Mark Thompson.

When it comes to education, he went Graeme High School for completing his schooling. Then, he pursued HND acting & performance course from the Falkrik College of Further and Higher education.

Career life

After finishing his high school, Thompson began his own real estate business. When explore the social media, he found YouTube channel of Kipkay with some useful videos. Being inspired by Kipkay’s YouTube channel, Thompson wants to give something different. So, he started his own channel on 3rd January 2010 with the name of “The King of Random”

He began posting some interesting DIY projects and life hack videos. “How to make LEGO Gummy Candy” is one amongst his many videos that gathered 27+ million views up to now. Some of his popular videos include:

  • How to make Ninja stress balls
  • 10 amazing and life changing life hacks
  • Self-freezing Coca-Cola
  • Melting cans with Mini metal foundary

Nearly his all recordings have million perspectives and in especially, his self freezing Coca-Cola video has got in excess of 23 million views. He acknowledged that he has got motivation from individuals around him and his environmental factors so as to make projects.

He sincerely concedes that he had gotten better thoughts for his projects from his folks, kids, companions, books, and web. Afterward, he changed the idea and gave test in his individual touch. This makes his recordings substantially more intriguing and connecting as well.

Besides a sensational social media king, Thompson was a businessman, as he runs reality business together with his brother. He has also started selling apparel, fidget spinners, and project kits at his own online store.

Before starting his career in social media, Thompson acts as a driver for an oil rig, piloted aircraft, and tour buses. Even, he took part in auditions to become an actor in television shows.

He started to gain fan followers, when he shared his experience and knowledge through YouTube videos. His variety of content attracts the minds of a massive fan base day by day. So far, the late 42-year old Youtuber reached nearly 11million subscribers with his youtube channel.

Personal life

Grant Thompson tied his knot with his long-time girlfriend on March 21, 2010. Though the name of his wife is not known, Grant continues to share the images of him and his wife on social media sites. No sufficient information is found on where and when the duo met and starts dating with each other. However, the lovely couple has four kids.

He claims that he is a husband and a father first and then a youtuber in his website. This shows his love and affection towards the family. On March 21, 2018, the couple successfully completed their 11 years of living togetherness.

Grant Thompson net worth

Do you know the estimated grant thompson net worth? Grant earned most part of his income from Youtube videos. During his death in 2019, the estimated grant thompson net worth is around 6 million dollars. His channel makes 14.4 to 231k dollars on a monthly basis. So, the estimated annual income is about 173.3k to 2.8m dollars.

In addition to youtube videos, Grant has his own online merchandize to sell hats, t-shirts, and other things. He also makes money through other social media websites. For every Instagram post, he earned from 1,139.25 to 1,898.75 dollars.

As an internet personality, Thompson had an active account on social media websites including Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter, which has millions of fan followers.


1. Who was Grant Thompson?

Ans: Give Thompson is the Canadian net individual that operates the YouTube network called The King of Random.

2. Where was Grant Thompson born?

Ans: Jonathan Give Thompson (Nov 21, 1976 – July 29, 2019 [aged43], a lot better understood online as The Master of Random (activated as TKOR), was a United States YouTuber.

3. How much was Grant Thompson’s net worth?             

Ans:         The King of Random Total Assets– $6 million. The King of Random is a well-liked YouTube passage that started through a Canadian YouTuber called Give Thompson that died in 2019 after an addict crash. It has produced a projected total asset of $6 thousand.


Grant Thompson was a youtube celebrity who is well-known for his channel name “The King of Random”, which has more than eleven million subscribers and two billion views.

As the most famous Youtube channel in America, The Kind of Random videos have million views due to interesting content. Grant used to post science experiments and random life hacks, which are interesting and informative too.

On July 29, 2016, Thompson died at the age of 38. What happened to him? He went paragliding near Sand Hollow State Park in Utah but never returned home.

His phone was also not reachable during that time. So, his family filed a missing report at the Washington Country Sheriff’s office. With the help of a GPS locator, the authorities found Grant’s body.

Many internet personalities and fans have final accolade to his death. Even, a tribute video uploaded on Youtube by Grant’s family. That video too gathered many million views.

He is no more, but he can be alive with his youtube videos. The above-given Grant Thompson’s net worth is estimated at the time of his death. For regular updates on grant Thompson net worth, stay connected with us!

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