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Dr. John was a famous American singer, pianist, songwriter, and guitarist who combined pop, rock & roll, and jazz all in his music. More than twenty albums were recorded by him in his lifetime. In March 2011, John was introduced into the rock & roll’s hall of fame. The estimated dr john net worth is about $12.1 million because he was the world’s highest-paid pianist.

He received Grammy awards for six times. He was also famous for his super-hit albums “Right Place-Wrong Time” and “Gris-Gris”. As a session musician, he performed live theatrical stage shows, which get inspired by voodoo ceremonies, Mardi Gras costumes, and medicine shows.

Early life:

Born on November 20, 1941 in Louisiana, Dr John has American nationality. Dr John was his stage name and his real name as Malcolm John Rebennack. His parents were Dorothy Rebennack and Malcolm John Rebennack Sr. He had no siblings and he got the music background from his family.

New Orleans was his hometown where he was raised. As he got inspiration from his family, he showed interests in learning music from the childhood. At the age of 16, he becomes a piano player. As he was not interested in studying, he left off from the school in grade 11.

Together with his father, he visited the recording rooms of popular artists like Guitar Slim and Little Richard. When he was 13, he got a chance to show his music talent.

Career life:

In 1950, Dr John began his music career when he joined with some local bands including The Loafers, Frankie Ford, and the Skyliners.

As he got gunshot and injured his left hand in the year 1960, he can’t able to continue his career as a professional guitarist. However, he used to play guitar. Later, he decided to choose piano as his utmost instrument.

It is really sad to say that he began to involve in many illegal activities in 1963. He ran a brother and sold narcotics in New Orleans. Therefore, he got arrested and prisoned for two years.

After returning from the prison, he moved to Los Angles, where he started a fresh career as a session musician in between 1960 and 1970.  Then, he becomes a part of Wrecking Crew studio musicians.

He did backing works for Sonny & Cher, Frank Zappa, Future Blues, and The Mother of Invention

Dr John Net Worth

Dr John made his first album “Gris-Gris”, which received a lot of intention in 1960. He represented the album in the form of voodoo medicine. The album holds 143rd position in the list of top 500 all time favourite albums.

Being a solo artist, he consists to gain more fame. So, he was popularly referred as Dr John for his stage performance. His other albums include:

  • The sun, moon, & herbs in 1971
  • Remedies in 1970
  • And Babylon in 1969

In the beginning of 1970, he became very popular among the music industry due to his theatrical stage shows. He recorded more than 20 albums.

In 1973, he became a top-20 with his hit “Right place-wrong time”, which is still his most famous song.

In 2007, he was introduced into the Louisiana Hall of Fame and Rock and Roll hall of fame in 2011.

He also seen in many movies including Candy Mountain, American Tongues, Take it back, Yakety Yak, The last Waltz, and Blues brothers 2000.

In the music history, Dr John was the only recipient of six Grammy awards in the year 2013, 2008, 2000, 1996, 1992, and 1989. Besides six Grammy wins, he also nominated for Grammy awards six times

His album “City That Care Forgot” won him a Grammy award for the best contemporary album in 2008. He released Locked down, which also won him a Grammy award for the same category in 2012.

His associated acts are Van Morrison, The Nite Trippers, Eric Clapton, Dan Auerbach, Joe Walsh, Bob Seger, and Spirtualized

His recorded labels include: Blue Note, Atco,  Proper records, Concord, and Nonesuch

His music groups are The Wrecking Crew, All-Starr band, and Ringo Starr

His music genres include jazz, zydeco, funk, New Orleans blues, and New Orleans Rock and Roll

He also received a doctorate honour from the Tulane University in the year 2013.

Personal life:

Dr John shared his marriage life with Cat Yellen. However, there are also rumors regarding that he married twice. New York Times told that he had lots of children. But, precise information is not found.

On 6th June, 2019, the great musician died because of a heart attack. Karen Dalton Beninato was the long time publicist of Dr John Family. He only announced the death news of Dr John to the public

Dr John Net Worth:

Everyone is eagerly waiting to know dr john net worth. As you know, Dr. John is the world’s highest-paid pianist. So, he got $58 million in between the time of May 2018 & May 2019, which is nearly a lead of thirty million dollars.

The estimated dr john net worth is 12.7 million dollars. He earned this money through his albums and led a luxurious lifestyle. His annual salary is under the review. We try to give regular updates on dr john net worth.


Dr John was born on 21 November 1940 in New Orleans, United States. He had many heritage including German, French, Spanish, and Irish. Both of his parents had music background. So, he too got interest in music. He withdrew his school studies and became a guitar player. He started to perform in local clubs and also did stage performances with the local bands. He started his career as a professional musician at the age of 13.

He also engaged in illegal activities including running a brothel and selling drugs like narcotics. So, he sentenced to jail for two years. Later, he became a session musician and began to release many super-hit albums. He received Grammy awards six times for best contemporary music albums. He was also a nominee of six Grammy awards. Approximately, dr john’s net worth is 12 million dollars. Due to a heart attack, he died on 6th June 2019. He is not with us, but his music lives in the heart of everyone.

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