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Dan Balan

The Dan Balan brought good in the world of music, writing songs, singing, and a great producer. He entered the world on 6 Feb 1979. Dan Balan started the career through the O-Zone band and became the founder of the Moldovan Eurodance very soon. Dan Balan Chica bomb got lyrics got much success. The Dragostea Din Tei was his well-known production at that time, followed by the thirty countries in the entire world. Moreover, more than 12 million people also took an interest in it.

He adopted so many professions and succeeded in all of these. Every lover of singing loved his word for the songs, and especially, his releases of Justify Sex and Freedom made him very prominent in the market. Furthermore, he was also the best performer in Europe, his singles due to Chica Bomb.

At the end of 2009, one of the best artists in Romania picked him for writing the series for Brandy & Mr. Whisker, his massive achievement in life.

Dan Balan Early Years

He was the son of the diplomat in the Republic of Moldova, who had significant experience in security and information as head there. At the same time, his mother was the presenter of TV broadcasting in the same country. His sister also adopted the same profession as the TV presenter. The grandfather of the Dan Balan was deported to Siberia in the early age.

When he reached the age of 11, one of his family members gave him a gift in the shape of music instruments. This instrument was 2nd hand, but he was pleased to find it. The parents want that he took an interest in the school and university education. He did not do it. After some time, he left the school and joined a well-known brand in Moldova. 

Dan Balan First Concert

At the age of only, he got much experience in the profession of the band. He took part in a concert in the Chisinau factories, claiming one of the world’s best names. Fortunately, his parents and all of his family members were also there to appreciate him. Dan Balan’s hold on love was one of the best releases of him. That was the awful moment for him in the life where his parent also agreed to his profession.

In only two years, he got some work on a commercial level. He said that I want to become the producer in an interview, but now I am a musician. No one, instead of him, was singing songs on different styles. So, finally, in 1998, he recorded his first own songs named De la Mine.

Shifted to O- Zone

Due to much progress in music, he made his musician band in 1998 and started a project with the well-known man Petru Jelihovschi. His first album came into the market very soon, and the lovers appreciated all the songs. In a very short tenure, his ten songs covered all the demand in Moldova. He interviewed his mother at his TV station; that was his great moments in life. While on the other hand, he was also the producer of the TV show for the children. So, he has never given up on life to achieve all the goals in life.

His band partner left him after some time because of his matters. So, it wasn’t easy to release songs as single. He wanted one of the best members of the audition and tried best to find in the market. At last, he succeeded in Arsenie, who has the right name in the field. He went to the Dan with the vocal coach. Both of these continued work together, they also left him, and Sirbu joined as the third member of the audition.

The Balan started to write a lot of series of the album for the production of O-Zone. Simultaneously, four-member of Romania asked him to join them, but he denies it without any hesitation. Finally, the O-Zone’s progress showed when the Cat music album came into the market for the listeners. It was the time of 2002. But, this album failed to make in the O-Zone, and Balan remained significantly disturbed at that time. He has never given up once again.

Dan Balan

No doubt, the O-Zone has won an award in 2002 by the MTV Romania awards of music as a single song Numai to. The 2nd individual album was also not too bad in the music industry because of new pieces. It changed all the sectors of Romania in a short time. So, that were the incredible moments for him.

By remaining almost four months in Romania’s music industry, his album remained on the top of the Romania 100 songs. After one year, O-Zone started to win more MTV awards in Romania in dance and songs. His band was given the name of MTV Europe Music Awards.

Break up of O-Zone

The break-up of the good bran of O-Zone depressed him in 2007. He remained significantly disturbed once again because of failure in his project. He left the country and shifted to the United States America. He started to re-polish him in the state of Los Anglers, there he recorded many songs the producer, but the producer did not release even a single song in the market.

He came back to his own country to start thinking about the new musical project in Moldova. After sometimes, he decided to release the song under the Crazy Loop production that was against his dignity. He left the Crazy Loop because it was much funnier and crazier that the requirement of the market. So, he started to work by renaming the Crazy Loop into the ( Mm Ma Ma). From here, he began to get significant achievements in life. For this purpose, he landed in many countries like Poland, Austria, Germany, and Euro Hot.

The album of the Crazy Loop was released in December, and most of the songs also released in Los Angles, where he remained depressed due to no releasing his songs.

Era of Success

He picked many successes after May 2013; he released his first album with lyrics of the Spanish and English in the name of the Lendo Caledon. The feature of the track related to the Tany Vander and French rapper was really and interesting. His songs studied in Barcelona also because of much fame at that time. The Balan posted the words of the Lendo Calendo due to the Abracadabra. These songs remained very famous in the iTunes’ Charts, and most of the Russians and Romanian were busy singing it.

At the last of November 2013, the Balan got the Golden Gramophone award due he the songs of Lyubi. The album, released in September 2014, remained successful in the market. Funny Love album hot, much appraise in October 2015. Now, his time come to get more progress in the music industry.

The Balan thins to gather all the components of the O-Zone in 2017 with the two new concerts.

A single album of Allegro Vertigo got much to admire from Romania, Russia, Ukraine, Bulgaria due to the feature of the Matteo. After loosing again and again, now he became very successful due to hard work. In an interview, he smiled and joked that it was the Old Moldavian but now can combine all the lyrics languages.  

The last release of the Balan is the Numa Numa 2 with the attachment of the Marley Waters.  In 2019, he created some audio and video production studios to manage the music and its developments in other areas of the word. He made offices in Romania, Bucharest ad Ukraine.

Dan Balan Net Worth


Sum up

After reading all the articles, you have seen the so for the Dan Balan struggle in life. He was not ready to leave his profession. At the start of the career, he looked depressed because of the opposite parent’s wishes. He left the school to join the music and brought the parents’ right name at a music concert.

All the efforts by Dan Balan showed that we should never give at the time of the struggles. If you worked hard in any field of life, you would succeed in a short time. The initial albums and audition partner did not prove suitable for him, but later on, all the scenario changed into his favor. He won the prominent awards by the MTV Romania. Moreover, his top ten songs and the dance styles also amused the viewers in Europe for some years. No one can forget his lyrics of the Dan Balan Chica bomb.  Finally, he achieved all the goals of life.

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